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Get healthy meals on the table (quickly) with a done-for-you Meal Planning system

Make eating gluten-free, paleo, or dairy-free simple and delicious!

NYT bestselling cookbook author Danielle Walker can help you get healthy, mouth-watering meals on the table in record time without all the stress and overwhelm.

Even if you don't consider yourself a planner!

Cooking with kids


The truth is...

Most people struggle when trying to eat gluten-free, paleo, or dairy-free because it requires so much time to plan, prep and THEN cook.


Do you find yourself...

  • Standing in front of the refrigerator at 5 pm not knowing what's for dinner
  • Making unhealthy food choices at the last minute because you ran out of time
  • Struggling to get a meal pulled together even if you track down a recipe
  • Throwing away food each week due to poor planning
  • Eating the same boring meals on repeat out of habit
  • Feeling like you can't have healthy, quick AND delicious all at the same time

Listen, we all lead very busy lives. It's overwhelming and even intimidating when you need to create healthy meals night after night. 

I hear you and I've got you! 

I'm a busy mom, cookbook author, full-time business owner, and wife

I understand what it means to be short on time.

When you tack on the fact that I also suffer from an extreme form of ulcerative colitis and have to eat a very strict diet, you can understand why my time is precious to me. 

I found health by eating mostly gluten-free, paleo, and dairy-free. And for the past 12 years, I've helped others by sharing thousands of recipes within my five cookbooks. I love food! And I teach people how to have healthy meals that also taste GREAT.

But one thing I know for sure - Eating this way can take a tremendous amount of time IF you don't have a system. So, I created one.

I want to help you get delicious food on your table without adding stress.

So, let me do all the heavy lifting for you! 

Let's get your time back!


"Danielle's recipes saved me"

Danielle's recipes saved me from chronic constipation caused by food intolerances (grains, dairy, refined sugar, and potatoes). Holidays, birthdays, weekdays, and snacks are now SO much easier to get through because I have recipes I trust that are tried and true and I don't feel deprived at all. Every one of her recipes is tested to perfection which makes them basically foolproof for anyone who wants to cook/bake from them.

Anna Denham


Healthy in a Hurry™ Meal Plan Membership

The complete meal plan system for busy people wanting healthy meals without spending hours in the kitchen.

Dramatically cut the time needed to prepare your meals

Discover fast, fresh, and flavorful recipes that maximize time-saving strategies so that it feels effortless. 

Make gluten-free & paleo meals that taste amazing

Discover family-friendly dishes that are SO flavorful, no one can tell what's missing. (Gluten, grain & dairy-free)

Simplify dinner & breakfast while reducing food waste

The done-for-you meal plans and grocery lists take all the guesswork out of getting meals on the table

Utilize seasonal produce & ingredient swaps 

Learn tips, tricks, & brands that boost flavor while reducing time cooking and prepping.

Feel supported inside our Private Student Community

Enjoy 12 weeks inside our friendly and supportive community where you'll meet other people on the same journey.

Follow the step-by-step Weekly Meal Planning System

Just follow the weekly system with recipes & done-for-you ingredient lists so you can spend less time in the kitchen.

Start saving time now!

Eating healthy should be a stress-free & delicious experience!

This quarterly meal plan membership is for you if:

You're too busy to plan ahead but you still want quick & healthy meals on the table each night

You want recipes FREE from grain, gluten, refined-sugar, or dairy that your whole family will love

You want someone to take the guesswork out of planning, shopping & prepping each week 

You're ready to stop over-spending on food and stop eating the same meals on repeat 

You're looking for a supportive community for additional ideas and resources

You want to eat healthier without adding stress and overwhelm to your week

This is a quarterly membership

Join now to get fall-winter recipes!

Starting Oct. 6th

"Danielle opened my heart to hope and my kitchen to delicious food"

I was at a complete loss when I was told that I needed to not only be gluten-free but also processed sugar and grain free. Everything I knew about cooking was turned upside down and I didn't know how to share my love of cooking with my family and friends, let alone myself. Discovering Danielle opened my heart to hope and my kitchen to delicious food I could share with my loved ones and be healthy. The course is such a blessing, the community is inspiring, and I'm much more confident with paleo cooking experiments of my own.

Charissa Reul

No more stressing about getting dinner or breakfast on the table! 

Inside the quarterly Healthy in a Hurry Membership, you get...

  • 12 Weeks of done-for-you Dinner Meal Plans delivered to your inbox, weekly
  • 12 Weeks of done-for-you breakfasts (2 recipes/week)
  • A weekly pre-made grocery list for all the upcoming recipes
  • A weekly prep plan with tips & tricks for cutting time plus saving money
  • A weekly overview video from Danielle delivered with your meal plan
  • 12 weeks of access to a members-only community (NOT on Facebook) for support, connection & extra resources
  • A monthly Q&A session in the community with Danielle to get your questions answered  
  • Freezer Meals built into the plans to use during the holidays
  • Printable Meal Planning Binder Pages
  • A Side Dish Recipe PDF for extra ideas & options
  • BONUS #1: A Healthy Dessert Recipe PDF for special treats
  • BONUS #2: A Protein & Substitution Cheat Sheet
  • BONUS #3: Instant Pot Resource Guide
  • BONUS #4: A Gluten-Free Homemade Breads Recipe PDF
  • BONUS #5: A Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipe Guide
  • BONUS #6: Exclusive sneak peek recipes from Danielle's upcoming book!
  • Lifetime access to all of your weekly meal plans & videos digitally
  • All seasonal recipes are healthy, paleo, gluten-free, refined sugar-free with dairy-free options
  • All meal plans are designed to simplify healthy dinner-making & reduce food waste 
  • This is a QUARTERLY membership (3 month intervals)
  • First FALL/WINTER meal plan lands in your inbox on Oct 6th
  • At the end of 12 weeks, the membership automatically renews for the next round OR you can very easily cancel at any time from inside your portal 



12 Weeks of Meal Plans For $45

(That's just $3.75/week)


You get ALL these bonuses


Bonus #1:

Quick 'n Easy Desserts PDF

Who says eating healthy doesn't include treats?

Inside this recipe PDF, you'll get 12 of Danielle's favorite make-ahead gluten-free, paleo, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free desserts. Every single recipe is so delicious, you can't tell what's missing!


Bonus #2:

Substitution Cheat Sheet

 Do you have specific food restrictions? How will you know which ingredient substitutions work? 

In this Protein & Ingredient Cheat Sheet, you'll be able to sub out different ingredients so that the recipes are still healthy and they work!


Bonus #3:

Instant Pot Resource Guide

You do NOT have to have a pressure cooker to make Danielle's meals, but she occasionally offers that option in some of her recipes. It's a huge time saver. If you're at all intimidated by the Instant Pot, this resource guide will remove all your fears so you can dive right in.



Bonus #4:

Gluten-Free Bread Making PDF

Your meal plans include store-bought options for things like buns and rolls OR you can make them yourself. This recipe guide includes several recipes and takes you step-by-step through making gluten-free breads at home!


Bonus #5:

Thanksgiving Recipe Guide

 No need to feel deprived! This recipe guide is filled with healthy, gluten-free recipes for everything from turkey gravy to pumpkin pie! Your holiday meal will be a hit with all of your guests - even the picky eaters!


Bonus #4:

Get Exclusive Recipes From Danielle's Upcoming Book

Danielle's next cookbook won't be out until late 2024. But all meal plan members are getting several EXCLUSIVE sneak peek recipes before anyone else! 


Created by

Danielle Walker

New York Times bestselling cookbook author (Against All Grain, Meals Made Simple, Celebrations, Food Saved Me, Eat What you Love and Healthy in a Hurry) health advocate, and self-trained chef

Meet Danielle


After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at age 22 and suffering for many years, Danielle found health through dietary and lifestyle changes. Inspired by her own health journey, Danielle shares her gluten-free recipes as a beacon of hope for others. Her delicious recipes have satiated the palates of autoimmune sufferers, kids with food allergies, healthy eaters and foodies alike.

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